01826: Obsessive Collecting

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Books

It's hard to tell if my being a collector of geeky things feeds into my tendencies towards somewhat obsessive behavior or if it's the other way around. But quite frankly, it certainly makes for quite a fruitful symbiotic relationship. I set rules for what I want to collect, and my obsessive urges drive me to finish those sets. My obsessive moments demand more rules for future collecting and I do my research and build new lists. The cycle goes on and on.

Kre-O Transformers Micro-Changes Combiners Wave 3
Recently I've been obsessing over finding the two combiner figures from Wave 3 of the Kre-O Transformers Micro-Changers Combiners. I've been to SM Megamall thrice now, and I've gone to SM Makati and SM Mall of Asia over the past two weeks alone. And that's not counting our repeat runs to Greenhills. I was going crazy about finding these figures and almost paid 2-3 times their value by ordering them on eBay and having them smuggled into the country through family or friends. But after consultation with other collectors on Facebook, they finally refined their directions to not just look at Toy Kingdom, but to check out the department stores of these malls for these figures. Boom - problem solved.

His has been a rather expensive weekend, but I have no regrets since Tobie's back home and he's really my biggest enabler. I wouldn't have the guts to get stuff on my own, especially the recent splurge purchases of completing both the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection books and the Doctor Who Monster Collection books over the span of 24 hours. I had been eyeing them for some time, but I wanted to get the books in complete sets. But one thing led to another and I now have all 19 books living on my shelf. And they're totally gorgeous.

Doctor Who: The Monsters Collection
I'm going to feel good for a few more weeks, maybe even months. All that will change once the next wave of Transformers Generations toys come out. Thankfully I've limited myself to that toyline in celebration of the classic G1 Transformers characters in order to avoid indulging with the sillier movie toys and all that kid stuff. And despite the seeming extravagance, I've been able to save money more than ever! Savings deductions come first after all before actually buying all these crazy things that make me happy - it's the only way to remain responsible but all-out geeky at the same time.