01825: Monday Runthrough

Photo taken by a friend
First, June is also LGBT Pride Month and I'll use this silly image of me in Maleficent horns to at least get you to read this first part of this blog post. You don't need to be queer to celebrate - show support for your pink friends in the LGBT community this month! Share status updates about why LGBT friends are awesome! Add rainbows to your profile images! Whatever floats your boat, try to do something nice for your LGBT friends. We can use all the support that we can get.

Second, been playing a bit more Diablo III on the PS3 again with Tobie and sometimes with my brother. Oh the joys of online gaming. I just wish that our local internet connections were more stable considering how much we pay. We deserve better service!

Third, discovered a new restaurant called Yumi, which specializes in Japanese cuisine. It's still a little pricey, but you don't feel like you're waiting your money. And the P500 bento meals are quite a good deal given how much the provide. Plus the novelty of some pretty interesting maki including Parisian rolls, which use crepes as their outer wrapping and actual foie gras rolls. Definitely clever.

Fourth, managed to complete all of the Doctor Who books released for their 50th anniversary collection and their monster collection of books. They look so pretty on the shelf! Then I need to make time to actually read them!

Lastly, very disappointed in Maleficent. From the moment Tobie and I left the theater all the way to us getting back home at the Sietch we were talking about the many, many, many different ways that the movie could have been done better. What a waste of one of the most iconic Disney villains ever. If you want to see a great expansion of Maleficent's story, go play Kingdom Hearts or something.
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