01824: Geekiness Restored

Today has been a nice day - given a week that was stressful on multiple fronts, it was nice to have things falling back into place. And the biggest driver of this was the fact that Tobie was home again, and thus things feel a lot better here at the Sietch. Even Yoshi is happier - as happy as this dog can be, at least. He has rather high standards.

Tobie's family are all back in the country as well and they helped haul a bunch of our geeky purchases into the country. That means a lot of new board games for the Sietch collection including Lords of Waterdeep, Risk: The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and Merlin's Company (an expansion for Shadows over Camelot), together with more cards for Once Upon a Time and a few more editions of Fluxx.

Oh, and a whole bunch of dice! We finally have Fudge/Fate dice! And extra D20's! Yay!

Today we dropped by Nexcon to support this particularly geeky event. It was a nice beginning for a convention truly focused on science fiction and fantasy and with luck we'll see greater support in the future. We were able to pick up a new game while at the event - something called Prêt-à-Porter, which is a fashion-related game. So gay, I know.

Then it was off to SM Mall of Asia because I was looking for certain Transformers and most folks in my Facebook group were recommending that I look there. Sadly, I didn't find what I was looking for at the Toy Kingdom there, but now folks are saying that I should have been looking in the department store. Argh.

We made up for things by having a massive sushi feast at Sakae Sushi. Then it was mostly going around the mall in order to walk off the silly heavy feeling from having had too much sushi. And then I indulged by finally kickstarting my efforts to purchase the 50th anniversary collection of Doctor Who books and the more recent Monster Collection of books as well. Naturally it took Tobie to finally talk me into getting them despite my interior guilt at such an expense. He's always been the biggest supporter of my little geeky celebrations.