01823: Mercurial Yoshi

Yoshi has been an...interesting companion here at the Sietch. At times he's extra fussy such as in the photo here where he decided to roost on the pillow that we leave on the couch like some surly chicken. We've long speculated that Yoshi has a somewhat...feline side. It's cute when he does the slightly feline stretching thing to get our attention. But then he has somewhat surly spells when he gets a little demanding. And he has been a little on edge ever since Tobie has been away. It's times like this that I really get to prove to him just how much Yoshi has bonded with him - dogs do it all the time.

But then he can also be quite the sweetheart and he has really helped me get through the past few days. He comes up for a cuddle when I'm feeling lonely and he has actually been joining me in bed when I go to sleep. I'm pretty sure that he only sticks around long enough for me to doze off, but it's the thought that counts.

And now I really ought to get some sleep. I'm feeling pretty beat from work and we're still expecting guests later tonight. Even with Tobie potentially out again tonight, we've opted to push through with game night. Tobie should be able to join us, but I don't want to speak in absolutes just yet.

Fingers crossed!