01821: Moving To The Left

I think I mastered the Myers-Briggs Test Type Indicator (MBTI) before I graduated from grade school. The guidance office had a thing for administering the test here and there during my school years and in time it become pretty easy to game the system. The MBTI holds the distinction as being the first psychological index test that I consciously remember taking. Sure there are IQ tests and other assessments, but the MBTI is the first one I understood to be what it was - a rough gauge, but in no way perfect.

Mom had quite the collection of psych books at home and her other interests included other such ways of learning more about yourself ranging from both Western and Chinese Zodiacs and things like the enneagram.

The Enneagram always struck me as a little weird since it's core graphic was the almost mystical symbol above. It tried to slot you into one of 9 possible types, but it also worked out 2nd and 3rd options as part of a triad. I last took the Ennegram test at home with my mom administering it - I came out as a Type 5 - The Observer. I was still in high school and it sort of made sense that I'd fall into a highly intellectual role like this one - other terms for Type 5s include the Investigator or whatever - I think my sub-type was The Iconoclast, which is Type 5, Wing 4 - at least that's what seems familiar to me as I look over the Enneagram resource pages. It's a rather anti-social personality type - one that my mom joked could include me becoming a psychopath. I never bothered to take the test again.

Today on Facebook, a friend posted a link to one of those online Enneagram tests and had started a discussion about his results and those of his friends. I first declared the result that I had gotten previously, but then I figured it was worth taking again.

Interestingly enough, my result shifted one position to Type 6 - The Loyal Skeptic or just The Loyalist. Given my specific triad results (Type 6, Wing 5), I was declared to be The Defender. It's still a bit of a cerebral role - the description talks about me being a good troubleshooter and all that. But at the same time it has a more social aspect to things that includes me working to help others and things like that. And what was an interesting result to get - I guess over the years and exposure to the real world has tamed me a bit and perhaps helped me to become more social as well. And that's not a bad thing. But there are certainly aspects of this time that don't quite fit me - and thus I feel like I'm still more of a 5.

But at the very least, it sounds like I've made some progress. Right?

At least it feels like progress to me. Being more social that how I was in school is definitely a good thing. Plus once you've gotten involved with other people in terms of relationships, it's hard to remain an impartial observer watching the world go by. There's too much life worth living after all. No sense in wasting it all.
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  1. I got this:

    You are a Type 2 with a 1 wing: "The Helper Idealist"

    Your trifix is 2w1, 6w7, 1w9.

    In enneagram theory, you have one type for how you relate to the world (either 8, 9, or 1), one type for how you think (5, 6, 7) and one type for how you see yourself (2, 3, 4.) Your tri-fix contains one number from each of these triads. They are listed in the order of how strongly they present in your personality.

    Your core type (your strongest type) is Type 2 with a 1 wing: Type Two individuals are generous and kind. Twos love others and want to be loved, and becoming close to others is a theme in the life of the Two. This is why Two is often referred to as the Helper type – because they keep coming, time and time again, to the aid of others. Out of all the types in the Enneagram, Twos are the most likely to help someone when they’re feeling down or when they’re being attacked. When a Type Two is stressed, they can become aggressive like an unhealthy Type Eight. When they’re healthy, a Type Two becomes emotionally aware like a healthy Type Four. You are a Type Two with a One wing, which means that the helpful nature of the Two combines with the idealistic nature of the One to make a very humanitarian personality.

    Your second type (your next strongest type) is Type 6 with a 7 wing: Type Six individuals are reliable, committed, and security-oriented. They are natural troubleshooters, and are always aware of potential problems. This makes the Type Six anxious, but the anxiety fuels them to resolve their problems. They can range from loyal to rebellious, depending on where they get their security from – if the security is from within, they can be very defiant… if it comes from others, they can be very cooperative and devoted. When a Type Six is in a growth state, they become calm like a Type Nine. When they are stressed, they can become arrogant like an unhealthy Type Three. You are a Type Six with a Seven wing, which means that the committed nature of the Six combines with the outgoing nature of the Seven to create a very engaging personality.

    Your third type (the least-used of the three) is Type 1 with a 9 wing: Type One individuals have a very finely tuned sense of right and wrong, and they chart the course of their lives by following a righteous path. This doesn’t have to be religious… it can be any set of principles that the Type One finds ethical. Ones are perfectionists, often setting high standards for themselves and others. Type One may very well be the most noble type in the Enneagram. When a Type One is in a state of growth, they become excited and joyous like a Seven. When a Type One is stressed, they become emotional and overwhelmed like an unhealthy Type 4. You are a Type One with a Nine wing, which means that the righteous traits of a Type One combine with the peaceful nature of the Type Nine to create a very idealistic personality.

    Some words that describe you: principled, moralistic, perfectionist, self-critical, generous, helpful, selfless, loving, loyal, reliable, anxious, skeptical.


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