0181E: Non-Working Goatee

Every now and then I get the crazy idea in my head to experiment with facial hair. I've never been particularly strong in this department given my particular mix of Asian genes, but the influence of mass media over the years does weird things to my brain and so I give it another shot.

This particular furriness has been going on for quite a while now - probably around a month or so. And...it really just looks like a mess. As much as I do want to have some degree of facial scruff, I guess I need to either research more of accept the limitations of what hair that I have.

So I'm going to shave most of it off and leave the little bit immediately on and under the chip. The goal is to have no more than a razor's width left, or something like that.

And I'm blogging about this since I have nothing else to write about and I want to spend my time on other things, as discussed yesterday. Plus the internet is great for crap like this.