01817: One Week After

It was a good weekend.

And while we weren't quite up to full tabletop RPG session with friends or anything too out of the box, but at the very least we still spent time with friends and had a good time. And making sure that we continued to socialize despite all the sad stuff that had happened this week was rather important to our ability to continue to move forward.

It's been a week since PJ died and he's still making his presence felt in one way or another. I still encounter images of PJ on the Facebook pages of friends and even the slideshow of past events at O Bar included a number of images of our dear friend. It's just as well - our goal has never been to try to forget him or anything like that. We do want to keep his memory alive and it seems he's making sure that won't happen either.

The week ahead should be okay - I have a lot that needs to get done on the work front and the for the most part I think I'll survive things well enough. There's still a lot running in my head though and it's only through time that things will resolve themselves - or at least that's what I hope will happen.