0180F: Mystery Readers

This particular blog has never been particularly "popular" if you were to consider typical web metrics. But that's perfectly understandable given it is a personal blog more than anything else - I'm not exactly trying to cater to an audience here.

But it's interesting to note that each post still gets about 40-50 views on average, which beg the question of who the heck reads this. And the few friends that I know of who sort of regularly read this tend to rely on RSS readers, even in this post Google Reader age. Apart from that I sort of draw a blank. But it's certainly interesting to note such readers exists. Hello mystery readers!

I guess the bigger question is - why don't people leave comments as much as they used to? Or are the only commenters these days internet trolls? Funny world.

Short post - we have a game scheduled for this afternoon. After falling asleep on last night's character creation session for Exalted, I definitely want to make the most of today.
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