0180E: Practical Geometry

In the world of math - particularly geometry - we have been taught that the shortest distance between two points (A and B) is a straight line. We also know that a line is composed of an infinite amount of points between A and B. And of course that line goes off forever in both directions because they're just cool that way.

As much as I know I suck at game like chess, the more practical application of more logical spatial reasoning has always been something that I've felt pretty comfortable with. When you treat problems like lines in real life, it just becomes the challenge of figuring out the path between where you are now and where you hope to be. However the term "shortest" in terms of distance from the goal is naturally relative. Even the shortest journey can take a pretty long time. But regardless of time, I'd like to think that I'm able to figure out the steps needed to get from point A to Point B given sufficient data and a lot of patience. And that's not as easy to apply to life in general when compared to just graphing on a page.

So today - or perhaps even for most of this week - this is exactly what I was busy with. Connecting dots and forming lines. And I think the resulting images were pretty fun. Thus I guess I should be sort of proud of myself...right?