0180C: A Small Achievement Is Still An Achievement

It's a little difficult to get the words out these days. My brain feels all tired from all the work that I've been involved in - and I know that there's a lot more to be done before the week is over. It doesn't help that a lot of my work also involves writing. And this particular week has a lot of writing set in store for me - but not the happily creative kind.

This is not complaining about all this - this is just me stating a fact. I know why I feel so beat up. It's part of the life - or at least part of the job. We move on.

Today the new landline finally got installed after weeks of waiting for the order to be fulfilled. I know it seems a little backward to have a landline in these mobile times, it's hard to beat the reliability of a hard line versus a mobile phone. Despite all the advances in telecommunications technology around the world, the reliability of mobile signal even in the city isn't anything to write home about.

So I'm one of those backwards people from the 80's who still feel all connected to landline telephones. And if for the most part we only use it to order take-out or complain to customer service about one issue or another, it still feels good to have it back in our life.

And yes, I realize that a purely cordless unit is still at risk during power outages, but I'm kinda funny that way. I just really wanted to get a cordless unit - it's still more practical on the whole. And I am totally going to order some water using the new phone. Total achievement moment.

I kinda want to kill some brain cells playing games, but I guess I'm not quite in the right level of mental acuity for that. So instead I've been zoning out watching 2 Broke Girls since friends have insisted that it's a show that I'd like. It's just as well - all the shows that I really want to watch are the ones that I'm waiting for Tobie for so we can watch them together. This show is okay, but I think he'll live without investing some of his limited free time on. Continuum is becoming close second in that category though.

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