0180B: Mid-Week Humpiness

It's only the middle of the week and I feel like I'm struggling to get to the weekend. Beyond the typical level of busy that I'm dealing with, I also had to contend with a heavy schedule change that got my week started on the wrong foot. And as is the nature of this graveyard work life, schedule changes are the biggest pain of them all.

But despite the general feelings of fatigue, things are still productive. I made it through my work day despite all the craziness going on. We manage to squeeze in today's First Wednesday grocery day before Tobie had to leave for work. And I finally got the callback from Bayantel about our long-delayed landline installation and we're going to schedule for tomorrow.

And now I'm starting to feel like a beached whale with nacolepsy and I don't know how much longer I'll manage to stay awake.