0180A: The Shape of Our Lives

The places where we live tend to take on the shape of our lives. Or put in another way, we tend to shape the things around us to reflect us in varying degrees; naturally the places where we spend the most time are the most affected. And hence the amazing conundrum that is the human ability to accumulate stuff.

The places where we live are an amazing reflection of ourselves. The things that we place in our homes are also parts of us. Thus the Sietch is an interesting intermixing of Tobie's life and my own as seen in the Transformers that occupy one shelf and the games that dominate another corner. Tobie has his stuffed toys. I have my books. The list goes on and on. But it's clear that the way that the Sietch has developed over the years is a direct reflection of the type of people that Tobie and I are - geeks.

The phenomenon can also be observed at the workplace - at least for those of us who have a more or less permanent place to work from. Whether it's a full-blown office or just a cubicle, it's yet another place where we inevitably spend a lot of time. And thus they also start to change ever so slightly because of who we are and what is important to us. I keep Transformers on my desk. And some call center agents are content to at least put decorative accessories on their headsets. I see all these little stuff animal key chains marking office lockers. We'll personalize just about anything.

And how much we've done to change the spaces around us is most evident when we finally have to move away from said space. Then we have to go through the process of packing everything away and rediscovering lost things stashed away in random cabinets or lost in forgotten corners of the room. It's the same case both at home and at work.

Packing things away is always such an interesting experience. It can be happy and funny and you discover unusual keepsakes that mark key events. And it can be a little sad too as you realize what you're leaving behind.