01808: Sharing Stories

Game nights are wonderfully social activities. They become a way to meet up with different friends, share the experience of playing through various board games and card games and ultimately bonding more and more. And part of the reason why game nights dominate our social calendar weekend after weekend. Our games have become one of the best ways to bond with friends as we swap quips as we play through different games.

But in a more traditional sense of socializing, game nights are ultimately a gathering of friends. And beyond the games we still share meals and thus we continue to talk and share stories at the same time. And perhaps that's where some of the real magic lies.

Today we didn't have any firm plans, and so we were considering  various options including catching the new Amazing Spider-Man movie or perhaps getting a massage. But one thing led to another as we wrapped up our games for the night and we found ourselves continuing to talk for hours on end. Despite having started the games the night before, we finally left  past 02:00pm.

We all had stories that needed telling (or perhaps even retelling) and there were a lot of revelations as well. On our part, Tobie and I found ourselves retelling the stories related to how we got together and some of our major ups and downs in recent years. And that included me owning up to a few things that I was less than proud of, but had grown to accept and live with over time. And it was a nice experience - one that left me feeling a little prouder in terms of all that Tobie and I had accomplished together as a couple. Despite a number of challenges, both internal and external, we still stand together as a couple. And we've been made all the stronger because of what we had been through together. 

All lives can be distilled down to stories, moments and memories. All of these things paint the canvass of our lives and define our paths forward.This painting shows us where we had come from and may perhaps reveal insights into where we are to go next. And perhaps that's the greatest game of all - that of life.