01806: Our Past Shaped Who We Are Today

We've all had our share of interesting, memorable moments. Some of those moments have been bright beacons of joy. Others are more traumatic moments of pain and regret. But regardless whether one can look at these things as good or bad, all of these events have helped shaped the person that you have become today. 

Every now and then I encounter questions about whether or not I'd change anything about my past. And while there are some things that I wish had not turned out the way they had, I'm not of the mind to want to erase any of that. Both good and bad events in my life shaped me and taught me the lessons that I needed to learn. And so here I am. And so are you.

We are all the sum total of all of our experiences to-date. To change even one even will totally change who we are. And the shifting of a single grain of sand can change the entire face of the sand dune. Who knows what any one event may change. And I don't know about you, but I'm proud of who I am today - including all the mistakes that I've committed over the years

This all seems a little random, but I suppose this is born of conversations with good friends and the random flurry of questions that make their way to my Ask.fm account

So this is just a little something to think about today.