01802: Yoshi Care Day

There's a lot of hullabaloo right now about the visit of US President Obama to the Philippines. I suppose that makes sense given how apparently Filipinos like the US more than Americans do, if recent surveys are to be believed. And I guess going gaga over a foreign dignitary is better than arguing about how "scripted" the latest Pinoy Big Brother is supposed to be, but I don't think people fully understand what the word "scripted" means.

Today we had to bring Yoshi to the vet to get him checked out for irritation causing him to scratch a lot. It turns out his prior fungal infection has come back worse and we had to subject him to the next level of treatment this time around. Thus we have a whole bunch of medicated soaps and shampoos that need to be used and he's going to get all of his fur completely shaved off. We had been planning to get him groomed in order to help him survive the heat a bit more

It's a good thing that Tobie's still on leave for today - sort of a pre-planned vacation day for his birthday last week. I don't think we had been planning on spending his free day in this manner, but it's still a good thing. To help calm Tobie down given how stressed he was getting over leaving Yoshi over at Animal House, we opted to have lunch at Pho Hoa, given there's not much that a good hot bowl of pho can't solve, really. Now we're just waiting for Yoshi to be read for pick-up. Unfortunately, there was a bit of a queue at the groomers.