0179E: That Moment Of Achievement

Tired but happy.

There was at least an hour or so during my rather busy work shift that I felt genuinely proud of myself. The new project that I had been tasked to implement was finally off the ground despite the added delays of the Holy Week holidays. I had managed to remain largely within company process guidelines (although I'm sure I forced a few things) and got this two-person program designed, staffed, trained and launched largely on my own. And with the reps finally busy at work earlier today I found myself smiling and enjoying the sense of accomplishment that I was experiencing.

But then life moved on and the rest of my work obligations came crashing down. In addition to my regular obligations (that now include staff in two separate locations), a few random fires came along my way as well, in order to make things even more entertaining. And so I was back in the trenches, moving on to the next challenge.

But to be fair, I've always thrived on the need to overcome obstacles in my way. They're like adventure game puzzles, but of course in real life. It's just a matter of figuring out a potential solution and testing your theory out. For the most part, I think I'm able to get myself out of the worst bits of trouble. Should things turn sour, that just means another challenge to face and a new opportunity to resolve things. We may not be able to restore our lives from some prior save point, but the puzzles in real life aren't exactly one-shot deals. We can't repeat a puzzle in the exact same way twice, but we typically have opportunities to salvage things one way or another.

I'm beat. I'm junking on half of a BFF burger meal from McDonald's. I have a Bob Fosse movie musical playing on the TV. And maybe I'll spend some time taking photos of the Star Trek Starships that arrived from the US.