0179B: Regular Cycle Time

So today the city comes back to life as everyone heads back to work and forgets about the past holiday weekend. Based on social media updates, most folks didn't exactly devote the entire time to commemorating the actual religious event that is the reason for the holiday, but that's never a new thing to me. Holidays are holidays and the most consistent pilgrimage that seems to happen around this time of the year involve beach trips. It's a practically a Filipino tradition at this point.

I've never really been much of a beach person. I guess my attachment to technology and greater comfort really holds me back the most. The beach is rarely a good place for technology given the sand and the heat. Plus the fact that beaches are rarely the most networked places in the world.I'm not an easily traveler in that regard. So more often than not I've always remained in the city during this period - heck even my family does the same. I guess we enjoy the fact that the city is a lot quieter during this period or something like that.

Plus staying home throughout a holiday is so much more relaxing, really. No need to think about packing your bags or competing with the rest of the holiday vacationers on the road. Holiday travel is insane and after the brief foray back into that world back when Tobie and I were still more involved with Prince, I have no desire to go back into that madness. Normal travel is stressful enough but holiday travel is just insane.

So good luck getting back into the work groove, folks. I share in your struggle as well.