0179A: Home Time

You'd think that I'd be more rested on a long holiday weekend like this one, but for some reason I was unable to sleep straight. I think I managed less than 3 hours of sleep before waking up again. I tried getting back to sleep for another hour, but since that didn't work I ended up having some pretty strong coffee in order to barrel through the rest of the day.

Thankfully, we're not exactly big on going out a lot as a family. And while we do make the occasional excursion together for a special dinner or to catch a movie, for the most part we just hunker down here at the house and entertain ourselves in different ways, whether by watching stuff, playing games or whatever. In that sense, we're pretty easy to please, I suppose. Or maybe we just don't like dealing with the public at large.

I actually haven't been feeling all that tired today despite my lack of sleep. I ended up joining dad in watching both the US and Brazil versions of The Ultimate Fighter, since Dad is into MMA. Then the family got together to finally try out the CSI board game that has been in the house for some time. Then we've gotten into another round of poker, although I seemed to have gone through all my chips before we took a break.

This is what we do. And it's a great thing, really. Going out would be more tiring - especially given the summer heat. Staying home is always the better option under any circumstance.

Happy Easter folks. Hope you didn't have to leave your homes in this heat.