01799: Rivers Grow From Streams

Whenever I spend time with my family, I'm reminded how so many of my own interests were precisely because of how we spent or free time together. There are those who always felt that their interests may have been strange or unusual when compared to what the rest of the family was into. That wasn't too often the case with us. Sure I had specialized interests like my Transformers, but on the whole we got into things together.

We've always been a gamer family - many a trip had include the need to play some board game together as part of our "quality time" With the advent of console gaming and even LAN gaming options, we also spent summer vacations playing the original Diablo together or even working as a team to defeat rival StarCraft players.

Movies have always been a mainstay at home. We had our family movie nights whether at the cinema or at home and amassed significant collections of VHS tapes, VCDs, and now DVDs. We had memberships with various video rental shops, including lugging around those massive Laserdiscs. Until today we still end up spending a lot of our free time together just sitting around the living room watching movie upon movie upon movie. Or we watch entire seasons of a TV show in a single sitting - complete with discussions related to the various plots and such.

We have had a wide variety of pets over the years. We've experienced a lot of video game consoles (including the Dreamcast!) and we've had little field trips on our own. Most of us are board hoarders and we seem to have a thing for home appliances, especially those As Seen On TV. The lists go on and on.

This is never a thing to feel bad about. Family defines you in more ways that you'll ever be ready to fully admit, but that's okay. Just be grateful, enjoy the ride as it is now and celebrate the good times that you have together.