01795: Smiling Through Stress

Work is crazy busy this week. I have a number of people-centric initiatives that I'm responsible for that involve interviews, developing new processes and all that fun stuff. I'm getting tired of screening applicants, but there's no getting around it, I suppose. Despite the looming local holidays, it's clear that I'm going to be working rather significantly over the next few days - and perhaps even over the holidays themselves.

The joys of getting a promotion, eh?

But I don't feel too bad about things. It's he nice kind of busy that has your mind racing for new ideas. And when you do get to the end of things, you know you're going to feel pretty fulfilled. It's just a bit of a challenge getting from the crazy busy times of the now to the triumphant moment in that not-so-distant future. At least that's the general mindset that I hold onto during such periods in the work grind.

Although it really didn't help to find out that the MRT was having line trouble again and was only functioning from Shaw to Taft, which is nowhere near getting me home. So I had to gamble with taking a bus, which actually got issue a ticket for some traffic violation during our trip North. I was too tired to really care what was going on so I just waited for things to resolve on their own.

Work stress, I can deal with. Commuting stress? Now that really wears me down.