0178B: Working On Meal Planning

My stomach has been a little unsettled since yesterday but it was bad enough to disrupt my sleeping and thus lead to me not being able to go to work last night. In hindsight I suspect it was probably the pork curry from the pantry that I had had for lunch last night. This is not the first time I've been troubled by some of the food at work whether from the pantry or 7-Eleven - and all these just seem to be reminders that I really need to take greater control of my eating.

We've been trying to invest in the needed time and energy to prepare packed lunches for work instead of eating out. Not only does this help us save money, but it means healthier meals and food quality that we can trust. The main challenge is just getting the actual cooking done. And given Tobie and I go to work at different times, it means meals needing to be ready at different times in order to support both of us.

I'm trying to make a habit of preparing blanched broccoli and cauliflower on a regular basis. They're not much for a main dish but they help supplement any other meal with a healthy veggie boost. Tobie has been preparing fresh salads and those make great meal additions as well. I've come to pair them all with cans of tuna and more recently we're going to experiment with this "Sexy Chix" product that Purefoods has come up with. 

The challenge is finding meals that strike that balance between decently healthy and fresh while also being easy enough to prepare. And a lot of effort is being put into that particular endeavor. Thus our recent experienced with a lot of canned stuff, flavor mixes and other fun stuff while also making regular runs for fruits and vegetables. Do you have anything to recommend?