01786: Time For Everything You Want To Do

My potential PS3 gaming queue
Since Tobie works during the day and I work at night, that means a decent amount of free-time at the Sietch with petty much just me and Yoshi. And I do my best to make the most of the time available, sometimes I just get bogged down in my blogging that  end up not having much time for anything else. And I really want to get more "done" during these hours - well, at least from a geek perspective.

I honestly enjoy my blogging, but at times it takes more time than expected to get a decent entry out. These more personal posts aren't too bad - it's my reviews over on the Geeky Guide that tend to take a bit more effort. And I suppose that has more to do with the fact that I'm trying to maintain a certain degree of professionalism in how I handle those entrees - in some ways that blog makes up a good part of my online portfolio in terms of what I'm capable of.

And when most of my awake time at home is spent writing, that means I don't have time to edit O Bar photos, play PS3 games, play PC games, and of course spend time with Yoshi. And this is apart from getting some chores done at the Sietch, spending quality time with Yoshi and actually getting off my butt long enough to do some actual physical activity that may be somehow considered exercise.

And don't think I have forgotten about my personal creative writing goals. That's the biggest elephant in the room right there.

So maybe I just cut down my blogging? Maybe I should limit these activities since they seem to be taking up so much of my time? However I have to admit that there's also the benefit of my AdSense units finally starting to make decent money due to the steady growth of readers on my site over the years. There has to be a way to get everything done and yet still be awake enough for work at night.