01784: Geeky Beginning To The Weekend

It's finally the weekend, and I opted to kick things off as geekily as possible with some new games for our PS3. A lot of these titles were ones that we had been looking at over and over again for some time now but we waiting for things to get more affordable or when we had actually finished more of our games. But with payday just having been yesterday, it was hard to resist finally picking the games up and spoiling Tobie with a lovely surprise. And life is all the more fun with these little indulgences and surprises - it helps make partnered life constantly interesting.

If the branch had a copy of Dynasty Warriors 8, I totally would have picked it up. But as it stands, this is a pretty haul that gives us more interesting gaming options and continues to expand our roster of local cooperative play games. And the LEGO stuff is really just because I've become quite a sucker for the game line. I may not invest in actual LEGO sets all that often any more, but at least I get to have some building fun on the PS3.

Also thanks to social media, I also found out about the current Happy Meal toy offering of Super Mario themed toys. And they were too tempting a geeky offer to pass up, so Tobie and I agreed to get all of the toys in one fell swoop. Given there are 8 different toys, that meant ordering a total of 8 Happy Meals as well. No regrets though - getting the meals with the toys was still cheaper than a Deluxe-class Transformers figure. Good job, perspective.

And yeah, the toys aren't even for us, but getting them is completely our perogrative. And I accept the fact that I'm a bit of a spoiler at heart. And when I do get a chance to, I enjoy indulging my friends and loved ones with little things like this.

Everything is awesome after all.

For now, we're working our way through the Happy Meals while watching Bob Fosse's Sweet Charity. Then later tonight we'll be visiting friends for another game board night. The geeky life is a great one!