0177D: Unexpected Asthma

For the most part my asthma makes its presence known when the weather shifts from warm to cold and spikes when it becomes especially cold. And while I do enjoy the comfort of the colder weather, I know that I'll have to deal with the challenges of, well, not being able to breathe. And as much as I hate the summer heat, I also look forward to the potential relief it offers my lungs.

But this week has been particularly bad for my asthma for some reason. Just yesterday I was already lying down to sleep when I was seized by a pretty strong attack - and I was just lying down! And it sort of gets worse when I exert myself. I get severely winded going up two flights of stairs. And taking the steps up the MRT station along Buendia Ave had me huffing my inhaler pretty way more than expected.

So today I accepted the fact that I needed to get a new Symbicort cartridge to aid in my asthma maintenance. It's a horribly pricey drug but one whose cumulative effects really do wonder for my asthma. I think I need to re-map my regular budget to make sure that I keep on taking it. I was hoping that I wouldn't need it beyond the colder months, but I think the current transition into summer is what's really kicking my butt.

Here's to hoping things get better soon.