0177B: The Need For Cardio

I kind of want a treadmill.

This my way of saying that I sort of miss jogging / running. This is also me indirectly saying that I'm concerned about my weight.

Some older shirts are now more snug than I'd like them to be and my clothes shopping options seem pretty limited. I go through pants at a pretty rapid pace now as my actions (and the relative circumference of my thighs) wear through the material throw friction and such. Something needs to be done.

My plans of taking longer walks home earlier in the year haven't really continued on a regular basis. After work I just feel too tired to take those walks - plus the walk along EDSA is hardly healthy given the state of traffic in the metropolis.

Cubao is not a friendly place for joggers given the number of vehicles and the lack of a decent park. The closest green space that I can think that would be great for running is all the way at the UP Diliman campus. And that's not very practical given a goal of regular physical exercise.

A treadmill would be a nice solution to my lack of cardio exercise, but at the same time it's a pretty significant expense, plus it takes up so much space. And the Sietch isn't exactly the Ritz Hotel or something. I have no idea where we would put a treadmill if we actually decide to buy one.

Of course wanting a treadmill may just be an excuse to delay finding more creative ways of working out at home. We have a number of exercise videos, some free weights and a weight bench here, so it's not like I don't have options available to me. I should just do something and live healthier.

We're already trying to shift our diets and we now bring salads to work in lieu of eating out. The stairwells at my office building are no longer considered to be security risks and so I'm trying to take the stairs all the time. But I have a long, long way to go.

Get off your butt, Rocky! Do something!