01777: Another Rung Up The Ladder

So last week my promotion to Senior Marketing Manager was finally confirmed amid all the craziness of multiple prospective client visits and other work stuff. That did make me feel a little guilty for taking Friday night off, but I just wasn't up to dealing with more work after the abuse I subjected myself to given my erratic work schedule. The news of my promotion hasn't quite fully sunk in, but I'm getting there.

And it wasn't exactly a surprise - my boss over in the US has been trying to get the paperwork done to secure this particular promotion for now some time now. And while it is something that I was looking forward to (and now welcome), but I didn't want t expect too much, in a manner of speaking. In such situations it helps to remain as patient as possible in order to keep one's expectations tempered in case of complications in getting approvals and such. It'll only feel like a delay if you had pegged an unrealistic timeline goal in mind.

I've been with the company for over 10 years now and clearly I have reason to stick around. I guess I've been pretty lucky in terms of bosses and other work stuff given how most of my peers have moved on to other ventures. I have a good thing going and little steps up like this certainly provide additional motivation to keep moving forward. And at least I don't feel totally useless or something - but I jest.

Well, Tobie and I have certainly made the most of this weekend despite game cancellations. We finished the entire first season of House of Cards and are eager to get started on the latest season. We might venture further into How I Met Your Mother and perhaps Two Broke Girls as well. Lots of TV fun. I still want to get a massage though, but first we'll have to work around our inevitable trip to O Bar later tonight after wrap up today's Houses of the Blooded game session.