01774: Running on Fumes

This week I've been straddling two worlds - the regular daytime world where the rest of the country operates and my normal US-oriented night shift hours. A series of client visits required me to drastically change my work schedule to accommodate the visits, and thus also give me a chance to experience a slightly more "normal" life. And I can't say that I'm complaining. I have been able to actually go to bed at the same time Tobie does and wake-up beside him as well. This may not seem like much to most folks, but it's solid gold for me and other folks who have to work on different schedules as their loved ones.

The mid-shift seems to be the most ideal arrangement - going to work in the afternoon and finishing right before midnight. It's a schedule that limits the negative impact of daytime life (e.g. heat, traffic, public transportation options) while giving access to more conventional experiences as well (e.g. sleeping at night, going out with friends after work, feeling human). Of course it's realistic to ever expect to work on this sort of a schedule on a more permanent basis since it doesn't sufficiently overlap with key US business hours. But of course, a guy can dream.

Yesterday's client visit was pretty good despite the odd complications that came up - sort of an inevitability in my line of work. But at the same time we had to deal with a surprise second visit right after the first one. As much as I appreciate the trust that my China counterparts had in my ability to manage things, two back-to-back visits are a bit of a stretch even for me. But we barreled through things decently enough and with luck these meetings will prosper somehow and lead to greater opportunities for the company.

I have one more presentation today, and this time it takes place in the evening crossing over midnight. But given I'll be further north, I'm thinking of still going earlier to avoid the potential traffic of folks leaving the city. I'll still have some actual interaction time with my boss this time around, provided that I don't collapse due to exhaustion or something. It may not see like much to do, but these big client meetings are pretty tiring. It's like conducting a massive orchestra and then being the lead vocalist or something like that - I'm totally not sure where I wanted to go with that analogy.

Well, I still have a few hours before I need to make my way there. Fingers crossed and all that jazz.