01772: A More Ideal Work Shift

Last night marked one of the rare times that Tobie and I actually got to go to bed at the same time. My work schedule is in flux this week and so I'm actually operating on more of a mid-shift schedule right now that lets me get home in the wee hours of the morning. This schedule is one of the more "ideal" ones in my book, apart from simply working at night.

If I had the option to report for work at around 03:00pm every day, I'd totally take it. It would mean not needing to compete with the rest of the rush hour traffic of daytime workers and yet still being able to have some semblance of a night life. And since the local LGBT scene ultimately starts around midnight, this could totally work.

But that's just more fantastical thinking right there. It's a schedule that works for me, however it does not serve the needs of the company of course. The fact that I need follow a more US-aligned schedule limits my schedule option. But hey, a guy can dream, right?

Oh, finally got to watch the recorded production of Shrek: the Musical. Not the greatest musical out there, but damn it's pretty impressive from a technical perspective. The costumes were just amazing and the sets equally so. Fun times