01770: In Contrast, Sunday Was Busy

Wow, today has been a pretty busy day. And it's not over yet!

We made it to the earliest theater showing that I've ever watched since my school days - a 10:00am showing of PETA's Rak of Aegis. It was a pretty good play and we enjoyed it a lot. And we both enjoyed the play despite our very, very limited knowledge of Aegis songs, but to be fair the production mostly played around with a limited number of songs in quite a variety of ways, so that meant a lot less pressure. But did didn't quite feel like a true jukebox musical since none of the songs were played based on their original lyrics.

Lunch was at Amici, which was our first time to ever eat at Amici together. This is not to say that it was our first time to eat there all - we had just gone on independent trips for some reason. We had talked about making a run for their Makati branch sooner or later, but it just never materialized. So after 5 years, it made for a great lunch. We actually ordered 2 whole pizzas, a pasta and some great gelato desserts. Awesome.

We passed by Fully Booked to kill a little extra time and picked up two comics.

Then we get to the main event - today's Houses of the Blooded game session. Our warm-up for today was playing our first round of Shadows Over Camelot, and man it's a rather insidious game. There's always the chance that one of the players in the game is a traitor and thus has completely different goals in terms in order to gain success. It's a tricky mechanic and in our game we identified the traitor a little too late to actually make a difference in things. So we knights lost while Tobie the Traitor won.

So  now it's the Houses of the Blooded game. After this we may still head on over to O Bar to catch up with a friend who's back in town for the week. Fun!