0176D: Early Theater Fulfillment

Today the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee heard the testimony of Dennis Cunanan, another potential state witness in the on-going PDAF investigation. I've already expressed how stupidly useless I find these committee hearings to be, so I'll just roll my eyes once more and leave it at that.

In happier news, I picked up our tickets for Red Turnip Theater's production of Cock, starting a lot of regulars that we typically see in Repertory Philippines productions. 2014 is panning out to be a pretty good year for local theater opportunities. After our initial commitment to watch all 5 Repertory Philippines productions this year, we've also seen the touring production of Wicked and we're scheduled to catch Rak of Aegis this Sunday. It always amuses me how busy the first quarter of the year in terms of the local theater scene. And this year is really starting things of in an almost crazy manner given the addition of new players in local theater scene.

It has surprised me that Atlantis Productions has been rather silent in terms of this season's offerings - the only show that they've definitively announced thus far is Ghost: the Musical, which seems like an interesting enough show on its own. This same time last year, Atlantis had some pretty big announcements of their full line-up of shows, plus their little side venture with Viva Productions. Strange occurrences indeed.

The only other show of immediate interest is Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, as to be staged at Resorts World Manila. As much as I'm eager to see this particular show, the ticket prices are pretty crazy. And this is especially annoying given an all-local cast bringing this production to life. Given the going rates for theater productions with other companies, it just tells me that they get to charge more because of the venue. We'll see if it's any good - I'm still on the fence about seeing it. We may just content ourselves with cheaper seats all the way up in the balcony or something.

Theater is definitely one of my happier indulgences and one that I'm glad that Tobie is willing to share with me. I know it's not necessarily cheap, but it's not like we travel all that much (except usually for theater, ironically enough), so that frees up some discretionary spending. The rest of the money goes to my Transformers, our board games, good food and spoiling Yoshi. All good things totally worth investing in, if you ask me.

So what shows are you going to go see his year?