01768: A Saturday Sleeping Conundrum

This has been one heck of a work week. And while we weren't exactly busy with the usual sorts of proposals that we typically deal with, there was so much of a heck of a lot of the stuff that got into the mix of things. But as rough as I had it, things were even more stressful and physically demanding for Tobie. He spent a solid 24 hours at the office yesterday and only got him a few hours ago. As much as I want him to wake up so we can head out to the mall, I'm trying to give him some time to catch up on sleep while I deal with other things.

And here's one of the many images that are part of the event!
And yes, these are friends. =D

Not that we have anything major planned today. The one item on our social calendar involves Louie Cano's Aware digital photo exhibit for HIV awareness at O Bar, but that'll be much later tonight. Thus beyond giving Tobie more time to rest the only thing we have in mind for today is dropping by SM Cubao for the 3-day sale. As much as it'll be a small taste of hell in itself to wade into the sale crowds, I have to admit that I could use a new pair of jeans and maybe a pair of slacks. And while I've always made do with just the bare minimum in terms of clothes (in order to maximize spending on geekier things), even I have to admit that I'm a living a little too close to the edge, so to speak. I had to bring in two pairs of pants for mending this week, and that drastically limited my options with the laundry also out for washing.

I rarely look forward to shopping, except maybe for the latest wave of Transformers. But even then, it's a little too hard to deal with the weekend crowds and thus I tend to go for quick-in, quick-out shopping adventures that leave Tobie and me free to relax more over a good meal or something. And when in doubt, there's always the comfort of the Sietch to look forward to.

If Tobie doesn't wake up, I guess I'll just join him in bed. He's not the only one who needs to catch up on sleep, and we'l survive if we don't wake up in time to take advantage of the 3-day sale a SM. We might even be able to squeeze in time tomorrow before our regular RPG session, but that's a pretty big if given we'll be drinking tonight.

Tricky, tricky, tricky.