01763: Government Errands

So I've been going around the Cubao area to get various government errands out of the way. The main item that has required this is the need to file the necessary paperwork for my work an health permits at work. In order to do that, I need copies of my cedula and either a local police clearance or NBI clearance.

Getting my cedula was easy enough. A few weeks ago I finally got to explore the Ali Mall Government Center and found out that getting a cedula there was pretty easy. But sadly there was no option for either police clearance or NBI clearance at that establishment. They had an SSS center, so I promised myself that I'd go back at a later time to finally get that ID processed as well.

I've kinda given up on getting NBI Clearance for now - it seems like too much of a hassle and there too many horror stories about the length of the queue even with the new online application system. So a police clearance seemed to be the easier option to take, but that requires a valid ID with my address on it.

At the moment my only valid IDs are my company ID, my passport and my TIN card. My TIN card is the only ID with an address on it, but that address is still my old Pasay address from the old days. And yes, I have never bothered to get my SSS ID thus far and I don't have a driver's license. So my best best was a Barangay Clearance, which apparently also acts as a photo ID.

So I went back to Ali Mall today, got new ID photos taken and then checked out the Barangay helpdesk. And while they can process clearance renewals, new applications still require that I go back to the main Barangay Hall to get things done. That sent me on a tricycle ride out to the Barangay Hall, which feels like it's on the very border of our barangay.

At least the process wasn't too complicated and it only cost me P30. You wouldn't believe how much a Postal ID costs in comparison. I got my Barangay Clearance soon enough - complete with sad little webcam photo with government cubicles for background. I wasn't feeling up to making the trek to city hall today so I'll just have to make the trip later this week some day after my work shift.

It's not like the individual steps were difficult. They're just so tedious and such a hassle since all these steps seem to have no benefit to one's daily life. Seriously, I have no idea how people with regular daytime jobs get errands like this done without filing leave from work or something.