01762: Write What You Know

While last night was a gaming night, today was a break from our usual Sunday gaming routine in order to make time to catch the Repertory Philippines staging of August: Osage County. The original Broadway run of this dramatic play won numerous awards and so I was pretty excited when t was announced that Repertory was going to stage the play locally. And while Repertory hasn't exactly been the flashiest theater company around, they're definitely one of the more experienced ones. And they certainly put down all their cards in putting this production together. I do not exaggerate when I say that this is their best production that I've seen to-date - and I've seen quite a number of their shows.

The play is brilliantly written, mostly because it depicts very real characters in the familiar setting of the home. In this regard it shares a lot with Next to Normal, given how it focuses on the sorts of secrets that families keep for years on end and how they can come out and blow up in their faces. Great drama thrives on good stories and these sorts of family squabbles are the bread and butter of the theater world.

I loved every minute of it.

The play got me thinking a bit more about the sort of stories that I might want to try writing. Write what you know is one of this classic pieces of advice that get bandied about you talk about writing, but it's a pretty good one. Intimate knowledge of a subject helps you make things a lot more real - more substantial. And the more real you can make something in the imagination of your reader, the stronger your story will be in the end. Or at least that's the general theory.

I just need to bloody write.