01761: Stuck at Home Saturday

Regardless of how little sleep I get, if something manages to wake me up, then I'll inevitably be truly awake. And I can probably head back to sleep eventually, but it does take some time before I get that level of tiredness. It's a helpful trait in terms of maximizing the benefit of power naps, but it can really get in the way of proper sleep. Then again, a major factor in the brevity of my sleep at times probably has to do with the fact that I sleep during the day given my work schedule. And that's something that you'll never fully get used to, even after 10 years of working the graveyard shift.

I managed a few hours of sleep upon arriving home from work earlier today, but I was back up and about again less than 3 hours later. And while I do feel rather tired, I haven't been able to go back to sleep. All is not lost though - at least this resulted in more quality time with Tobie as we watched various downloaded TV show episodes to help pass the time together.

Tobie was supposed to visit his family in the South, however the traffic proved to be a bit too much for him. He actually ended up turning around when he had pretty much gotten as far as Guadalupe bridge. There's a fair amount of roadwork going on there and that's probably one of the big factors driving the traffic to such levels. Then again, traffic is just getting increasingly worse in Metro Manila - and there's no immediate solution in sight.

There are some major infrastructure projects set to complete before the president steps down in 2016. But let's see how things actually go - I'm a little skeptical as to how effective these projects will be in terms of alleviating traffic. Apart from more roads, real effort needs to be put into our mass transit systems, but I don't see much going on just yet.

Well, I'll see if I can squeeze in a nap before tonight's Vampire game. Fingers crossed!