01760: Pulse Checking Priorities

So I joined Tobie for brunch after my shift ended and we indulged a bit with the delightfully greasy food of Pancake House. While the restaurant's menu remains horribly overpriced, they still come up with some rather interesting items. Plus I'm a major fan of  practically all of their house specials, namely their tacos, their spaghetti and their pan fried chicken.  Good stuff all around, especially since I haven't found time to do this in recent weeks I guess my work life has just been that crazy.

We're definitely in a point in time when our schedules are really dragging a bit. I work nights and he works days and the time in-between is hard to manage given all of our other social obligations. And while we still make the most of the time that we do manage to get together, there's always room for improvement. And I have to admit I feel I'm the one who has a bit more catching up to do in order to make things better.

Apart from that, I really need to do something about my weight to a greater degree than just limited lengthy walks. Watching what I eat is certainly one key thing and figuring out alternate exercise is another. I'd kill for a treadmill, but that's just not practical given the limited size of the Sietch.

There's also the question of my writing, and I need to stop making excuses and just write. I keep telling myself over and over, but I've been doing some thinking and I really need to get something done about it. I really think that I stand a decent chance at becoming a professional writer. My heart is in fiction, but maybe all this blogging just goes to show that I'm really more of an essayist. Whatever it is, I need to actually sit down and write. And I'd like to ask all of you readers for help in keeping me honest in this department. I could use all the support that I can get.


  1. Write away love. Time to let the world have a taste of your fiction even more. You have worlds of wonder within you waiting to be released.


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