0175B: Gamery Enjoyment

Wine, cheese and Love Letter
So last night's game night was a lovely bit of fun, as always. It's interesting how our different groups of friends behave in dynamically different ways for our various game sessions. And for this particular run it felt appropriate to serve the brie with crackers since friends had brought a lovely sweet wine to kick off the night.

Our full run of games included Smash Up, Love Letter, Galaxy Trucker and Fluxx. We probably could have played more games even after some had to leave, but the rest of the "night" was invested in catching up, swapping stories and our introducing our friends to the comedic brilliance of Keeping Up Appearances. The quirky adventures of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced as Bouquet) hit that sweet spot of class-based humor that still retains some sense of British class and style.

It's kind of funny how Tobie and I actually had to take turns not playing certain games in order to make the most of the players on hand. And while we had quite a number of 6 player games, there were still a number of them, we wanted to introduce them to other games of interesting that had more limited player restrictions - Love Letter is probably one the best examples of this.

And while Tobie was unable to actually play Galaxy Trucker due to player limitations, I totally had a lot as I managed to survive the game even with handicaps leveraged against me. Since I was the most veteran player in the mix, it was only fair that I have a bit of a handicap to give the newer players more of a chance. But admittedly I'm such a frenetic builder that I still managed to put together some decent ships. I was especially proud of my Round III ship, which was a clever construction using a blueprint board that was a lot closer to a Star Trek Federation vessel.  Just look at that lovely ship! It totally rocked!

Now we're busy with our Sunday Houses of the Blooded game at Mahar's place. All this gaming can get a little draining, but darn it's a lot of fun indeed.
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