0175A: Couples' Game Night

So I'm home alone at the Sietch for the moment and I'm waiting for Tobie to get back here from a brief visit with his parents. I was supposed to nap a few hours while he was out, but sleep eluded me for some reason. So instead I finished reading Have Wormhole, Will Travel and backed up more downloads to DVDs. I also made sure to vacuum around the Sietch while Yoshi was out - he has so many bone fragments scattered about thus a proper cleaning was certainly in order.

I suppose tonight is pretty much going to be our "proper" Valentine's Day celebration, but not the typical sort of celebration you'd expect. Instead of some "romantic" dinner at some fancy restaurant, we've invited some friends over for another night of game board enjoyment. This was supposedly to be our monthly meet with one of our queer circle of friends that have taken to gaming, thanks to us. But due to numerous cancellations and a last-minute addition, it has inadvertently become a couples' game night. That's definitely not a bad thing.

So it'll be interesting to see how things go. The two couples that are arriving shortly have not met before so the games in themselves will act as a good icebreaker. But I'm pretty sure things will go well - we always put a lot of careful thought into which friends we invite over to the Sietch. It is our home after all and as hosts we're responsible for their overall experience here. That includes making sure we don't create awkward situations born of irresponsible invites and the like.

We also have some wine and cheese handy. And I expect our guests will also bring things to eat and drink. They've definitely proven to be good guests in the past, after all.