01759: The Work Vise

When you work in the call center industry - or any other job with highly flexible work hours and night shift work - you learn to keep your calendar a little looser than most in order to accommodate schedule shifts at the office. Even a change of 2-3 hours will affect your overall routine and it inevitably eats into your free time at home. The worst is when you end one shift late and need to start the next shift earlier - it's a pain, but it's a part of life.

And there are all these other things that I wanted to do today like put the rest of our Smash Up cards in plastic sleeves, get some older O Bar photos edited and uploaded and spend a bit more time writing. I guess that's not the case right now - it's still a busy work day for me.

Valentine's Day festivities had already started a little early for us given our Kogi Bulgogi lunch yesterday and my really early Studio Ghibli gifts last week. And tomorrow's game night has turned into a couple's game night, so I guess the celebrations will continue on all weekend. And that's something to look forward to indeed.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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