01757: 5 Years Of Knowing Tobie

More important than any other event that also happens to fall on February 12 (I'm looking at you Abraham Lincoln), today is also the same day of NetRunner Night, which is essentially the anniversary of when Tobie and I first met in person. Not many couples even remember the first time they met so precisely, but I suppose it helped that our first meeting involved a number of notable elements including Shakey's Pizza Bianca, several bottles of Red Horse mixed with Extra Joss and several rounds of classic CCG NetRunner.

And while we don't have time to play a round of NetRunner this morning and Tobie definitely can't have beer since he has work, but at least we got to share a Pizza Bianca.

Ironically, we have never found the time to play NetRunner since that night. And it's not like we don't like the game - I guess we've just been busy with all the other games that we've gathered in the years since. And we continue to buy new games to try out and enjoy together or with friends.

But in hindsight, I suppose it all makes sense. From the very first time we met, it has always been about geekery - a passion we share and celebrate each and every day. And even before we actually got together, Tobie has helped me get back in touch with my geekier side and that's lead to quite a lot of fun memories including a now ridiculous number of Transformers, a crazy number of game boards and even more fandoms added to my library of geeky interests.

And now all I have to do is continue what began that night and celebrate what we're passionate about for many more years to come. And more importantly, there's the need for me to finally get my creative juices flowing and finally get a book of some sort published. The thought of putting a novel out there will always terrify me, but I know that I'll always have Tobie at my side to help me through things.

I love you, Tobie.


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