0174E: A Wicked O Bar Night

Wicked at O Bar Ortgas
Despite lacking sleep and a full session of playing Houses of the Blooded with our Sunday gaming group, Tobie and I still made the decision to head out to O Bar to cap off another interesting weekend. I know it was pushing things given Tobie was already feeling rather fatigued plus he had an early meeting set for today but he humored my urging to go.

What we totally weren't expecting was to find that the cast of Wicked was actually at the bar, thus making things all that more crazy and amazing for the night. And it was rather late notice for everyone it seems since some of the Oh Divas had shared how they had to scramble to put together a few Wicked performance numbers for the show even though not everyone was 100% confident about the lyrics. They were definitely nervous at first given he very theater actors giving life to these characters were made to watch comical renditions of their performances, but in the end they found their stride and drew strength from the Wicked team's cheers.

And man, you really have to love the energy and enthusiasm of theater people. Many of them were more than game to jump on stage to dance together with the various performers or even play-act a bit as part of the sketches. The crowd was definitely enjoying every moment of the night with the crazy cast present - the energy that they brought to the Bar was definitely infectious in a very good way.

But hey, that's how O Bar rolls. It's always going to be a fun place to hang out with friends that feels like a second home once you've taken the time to get to know some of the staff and of course the performers. There's a lot of love that goes that bar and that's precisely what has earned Tobie and my loyalty when it comes to LGBT-friendly establishments in Metro Manila. And it's always nice to see folks from around the world dropping by the bar and experiencing the same kind of joy that we get to indulge in almost every weekend.