01749: You Control Your Social Media Sources

Well, I did the right thing and still went to work. And while I probably wasn't working at my highest levels of efficiency all throughout the day, I still managed to get quite a lot done, barring some minor complications. I should be a bit better for tonight's shift - or at least that's the theory. I just still some pretty major fatigue from the rather hectic traveling agenda that I had been subject to across Monday and Tuesday.

On social media, more and more friends appear to be complaining about the rather sensationalist news coverage of a particular incident involving a local celebrity. Ironically, the only time I see it mentioned on my social media feeds is precisely when people are complaining about it. That just tells me that my rather Draconian methods of social media management have paid off - I only have people worth reading about in my feeds. If you think you're getting to much stupid news among your updates, consider culling your stream of people who aren't actually friends. If they're relatives, then utilize whatever muting options are available to you.

In addition, it also helps to consider which news sources you follow and whether or not you absolutely need to have to follow the social media sites of these news agencies. I'm a tad traditional in the sense that I still prefer to go directly to the news agency's website to read the news instead of having it intermingle with my social media updates. The only one who get limited access are the Twitter accounts for CNN and GMA News. Nothing on my Facebook or Google+ accounts. Regardless, I still read most of my news directly on their respective pages.

I totally judge people based on where they get their news. And for those of you who always cite ABS-CBN news, well, you're pretty much at the bottom of the food chain. ABS has horrible coverage and their editorial policy clearly favors its own stable of talent as much as possible. And they're not at all savvy about it - they're horribly obvious in how they slant the news and it's horribly insulting. I only really juggle between the Inquirer and GMA News, but of course I still take their reports with the grain of salt.

The Inquirer is often to report new scandals but sometimes verification of sources is less than ideal. Plus they often resort to rather sensational headlines that skew the story just a little. GMA News honestly has some pretty solid reporting, although at times they're a tad slow to the game or are often given to network stereotyping. Rappler has its good days, but I've already written how their website is just horribly done. Plus it tends to that an almost elitist approach to the news that makes me feel like it's oriented more towards Filipinos living abroad more than anyone else.

The power to have access to better news sources is ultimately up to you. But seriously start by culling your social media contacts or at the very least muting their updates. It'll save you a heck of a lot of stress and anguish.