01748: A Breather Before Work

I've already had a full 8-hours of sleep and yet I still feel weary and all beat up. But I suppose that's to be expected. From the time that I had left the sietch Monday morning to the time I finally got to lie down in an actual bed today, I had maybe 3 hours of sleep, mostly on the two plane trips. I'm surprised that I remained functional during my time in Davao, although I know I pumped my system full of way too much sugar and caffeine. I'll need to watch my consumption today in order to get my body back in working order.

I have to get back into the regular work grind tonight, although I have to admit that I'm feeling all that up to it. Perhaps I can try to take it easy or something, but given all that's going on at work this week, I rather doubt it will resolve that way. I'll just have to do my best to steel myself for my shift tonight, I suppose.

More importantly, it just feels good to be home again. That's really all that matters at this point.