01746: Re-Thinking Writing Efforts

After last night's interesting return to the gaming world of Vampire and today's cultural adventure wit Repertory Philippines' Wait Until Dark, the true highlight of the day was reconnecting with a old friend, Adrian.

The meet-up to reconnect started as a simple sit-down at Starbucks and snowballed into a rather lengthy conversation about a wide range of topics. I had nearly forgotten how refreshing it is to talk to Adrian given his views on things and his ability to reference a wide range of sources including classical philosophers and popular culture. And these are the sorts of conversations that I do miss having more often given the other social circles that take up a lot of our time, the biggest one being work, as sad is it feels to say it.

A lot of our discussions kept coming back to more creative endeavors - in this case centered around writing and gaming. One of the key discussion points was the importance of putting your creative work out there and of course the benefits of gathering feedback from the internet at large. Beyond the gift of feedback, publishing even partial copies of your work can help break you out of your creative rut where you get trapped constantly rewriting what you're making in a never-ending struggle to anticipate criticism. Thus the value in taking risks, putting yourself out there and letting the internet sort of decide the rest.

That always brings me back to thinking about my own creative efforts - particularly my writing. I know that my biggest hurdle to getting published has always been myself and my fear of the final work being rejected or ridiculed, which is the same problem all writers face when starting out. Perhaps I should get take the risk and start publishing material and see how things go. It may make it harder to actually publish book later on, but at least it may help push me a long in my writing.

Perhaps I should go as far as creating a separate blog dedicated to my writing. My writing time is sadly limited as it is and simply adding another blog may or may not be helpful to my overall effort. But then again, a distinct blog that is more focused may be great for marketing it in the long run. Or I can shift the focus of this blog to be more about my writing and less about my personal life.

And maybe I should spin off Technicolor Musings into its own separate blog site as well.