01745: Weekend Adventure!

With my crazily short business trip to Davao all set for Monday, my weekend suddenly feels a heck of a lot shorter. In truth, it actually is since my Monday morning resting time will turn into travel time and how-to-kill-6-hours-at-the-office time. So yeah, I'm doing my best to make the most of things.

We have an RPG session scheduled for tonight.We have a stage play and dinner with an old friend all set for tomorrow. But since my flight is scheduled for the morning, that sort of killed my potential O Bar Ortigas plans.

The only other open window for time was this morning so right after my work shift I woke up Tobie to head over to Greenhills. I had been messaged by their customer service group that my copy of The Manhattan Projects Vol. 3 was ready for pick-up, but since the Gateway branch is under renovation I had to opt for Greenhills.

I had no clear plans of buying anything apart from the comic book, but instead we came home with some rather adorable Adventure Time figurines. And as much as the bigger toys in each set were cute enough (namely Finn, Jake and LSP), but the smaller companion figures were just crazy cute! So now I have Slime Princess, Tree Trunks and best of all BRAD! Oh Brad, where have you been all my life?

I need to sleep. We desperately need to make the most of this weekend! As if that isn't the sort of adventure that Tobie and I get into each and every weekend.