01744: Suddenly Davao

So I'm flying to Davao on Monday. Just like that.

It's a work thing - we have an important meeting at that location that requires me to attend in person. So it'll be a quick-in, quick-out sort of deal. I fly in after lunch, get to bum around the mall for a bit (since our center is locate at Robinson's Cybergate Davao), then we have the big meeting in the evening. Early the next morning I'll be on the first flight back to Manila. I won't even get a hotel.

This will be my first time to get as far as Mindanao as far as the Philippines is concerned. But the potential excitement of he trip is sort of limited by the fact that I'll be stuck around the office area for the most part. And I'm going alone - there's something about flying solo that doesn't quite get me all excited about traveling. And since I don't know anyone down there in Davao outside of managers and executives from the office, the option of finding tour guides is pretty limited.

Oh well, I guess I'll make the most of it somehow.