01741: Work Technical Complications

A different blue screen
So my computer at work pretty much died on me last week, which is a major pain. Initially I just used the station of a colleague on leave since I was expecting that the issue would be resolved quickly. However when it was determined that my hard drive was probably DOA, now I'm forced to accept that I'll need to start anew.

Thankfully the department has a laptop assigned to it, so I've migrated my work efforts there. The bigger challenge is the fact that I may have lost my email archives that had been stored on the local drive of that computer. As much as I've done my best to keep my primary work files on the shared drive (precisely to avoid issues like this), there's nothing to be done about the local nature of my emails. And my archives are pretty extensive - they date back to my years in Training, and so that's a lot of good data. I'm hoping that some of the information can still be retrieved, but I'm not overly optimistic. Or maybe I'm just steeling myself to the possibility that all is lost.

But hey, we find ways to make things work despite such challenges, right? In a way, it's what we get paid t do. The loss of my email archives will be painful, but not exactly the end of the world.