01740: PCs Are For Gaming

Practically since 2009 when I moved in with Tobie, I had pretty much tone down the PC gaming side of my life. While I had managed to play for a few years when I was still living in Makati, starting over with Tobie meant needing to prioritize other things. And I really committed to this notion when I opted to buy myself a netbook instead a full-fledged PC a few years back since I figured I was only really going online to blog and of course interact with friends over social media.

But because of Broken Age, I've finally gotten a computer that can decently handle games again. And this is pretty great since I've actually invested a lot in the various Humble Bundle game offers in recent years and thanks to the wonders of Steam, I now have access to all of these games at one go. And while I naturally prioritized playing (and finishingBroken Age first, now I"m beginning to explore all the other independent games that I've added to my virtual collection. And should things get boring, I still have a number of older games that I acquired through GOG (Good Old Games) like the complete King's Quest and Police Quest series of adventure games.

But the current game of focus is Reus, a god simulation game. The core principles of the game are simple enough, but man the game gets really complex as things progress. And it's a good kind of complicated - the type that really challenges you to try harder and achieve more within the game. It shares a lot of elements with prior games like Populous or Black &White, both being games that I really enjoyed in the day.

So yeah, I"m really enjoying being able to play again. Now we just need to get Tobie's computer upgraded so we can explore multiplayer games again!
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