0173E: Broken Age Craziness

So the other day I discovered (as expected) that my netbook is unable to handle the system requirements for Tim Schafer's new adventure game, Broken Age. This was not a surprise to me, but I was still hoping against hope that something could happen for the better. I tried not to think about it too much while at work in days after, but seriously, this was killing me. The Broken Age Kickstarter was the very first Kickstarter project that I had ever funded. I have never been this excited for a new game in years. Seriously.

Previously, I had a long-standing commitment that I brokered with my parents that I'd forego Birthday and Christmas gifts for a few years in exchange for their help in getting a gaming-capable laptop. Actually, the first plan had been to get a desktop, but over time I realized that it just wasn't all that practical an option in this age of mobile computing and such. So a laptop became the better option, but various things happened along the way and we weren't able to get the unit just yet.

But now I finally had true motivation to get the computer and so I asked if it would be okay if I bought a laptop on my credit card first (within an approved budget of course) and then just get reimbursed later on. The parents discussed things and finally I got a yes! So naturally I went and bought one right after work. As in literally right after my shift ended.

So there it is, my new laptop that will help bring back computer gaming into my life. Now I can only wonder what I'll do with this little netbook. Blacktron still works well enough, but of course I don't foresee myself using it as much except possibly on trips when I'm too nervous to bring a bigger computer (e.g. beach trips). I could try selling this unit off or something, or I could just keep it as a secondary computer for whatever. At least I know that it can torrent pretty well.

Oh, and the folks at Villman threw in a highly discounted external hard drive to sweeten the deal. Yay extra storage!
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