0173D: Santolan Walk Discoveries

My "Santolan walks," as I'm starting to think of them, are certainly an interesting end to my day. The work day can drag me in so many different directions and the almost daily walk does give me time to clear my head a bit. Plus it has proven to be a bit of a discovery journey where I'm finding all these interesting and new things about the area where I've been living for the past 4 years. Life is funny that way.

During my different walks, I've come across various townhouse projects in various states of completion. Some are lovely but fully occupied. Others are pretty ambitious but at present they're only empty lots. But every time I come across one, I try to snap a photo of any contact information for whichever real estate broker. I've only started trying to contact some of the brokers today, but on the whole it's pretty interesting to note how many townhouse projects appear to be "hidden" among the different back streets of Cubao. If we were in more of a rush to select a property, then we'd probably a decent enough unit on the fly.

But my Santolan walks have more interesting aspects to it beyond the practical benefits to my house hunting efforts.

There are street vendors who sit on hammocks that they set up on a daily basis. There's a bee seller who always display large honeycomb sheets beside his bottles of honey. There's a lady who sells puto at the same spot practically every day and she takes the time to sweep around her area. There's a restaurant called "Sogbu". There's another called the "Garage Cafe" which is literally someone's garage. There's another place that claims to sell "manly food".

I wonder what I'll discover tomorrow.