0173C: The Whole Doors Opening And Closing Thing

As I had feared, my netbook is unable to handle Broken Age. It's not that big a surprise - I know that this little computer has pretty limited gaming potential. I guess I was just hoping that the specs would just be enough to get the game running. Of course given how beautiful the game is (as based on all the videos and reviews), it's a good thing that it'll take more than this old netbook to get things running. So now I have an indefinite case of gaming blue balls until I can get a new computer. And believe me, I am totally going to expedite this particular acquisition somehow.

In brighter news, ThinkUp has gone live for us early adopters who signed up for the service ahead of time. The service promises to provide meaningful insights into my social media activity - which is why you can see snippets about my public Twitter data should you visit my stream. I get more data that includes my Facebook activity as long as I'm logged in, but of course this data is not publicly available given ThinkUp's emphasis on the importance of privacy. There's not that much information available just yet, but it's starting to look pretty interesting indeed. So at least this little geeky investment is starting to pay off. Expect a full review of the service once I let the algorithms run more analysis on my data.

I've been so tired upon getting home all of this week. Despite getting a decent amount of sleep, I still find myself struggling to get through the end of my work day. And then by the time I get home, I'm barely able to stay awake for long. Even as I type this post I'm sort of teetering on the edge.

What is my body trying to tell me?